Vision & Core Values

Go therefore and make disciples...

The Vision

We believe God is most glorified by transforming and changing lives. The calling of the local church is to be God’s primary way he accomplishes this mission to “make disciples”. Our vision is to ensure the focus of our church remains in line with the mission of God. “We are disciples who make disciples so people can BE CHANGED, LIVE CHANGED, and SERVE CHANGED through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  We want people to be changed in salvation, live changed in their daily lives, and serve changed through their spiritual giftedness. We welcome you to join us as we walk alongside each other in this mission together! 

Core Values

We believe 5 core values are essential in accomplishing our vision. These core values are the top five main priorities for us as a church and the areas we seek to grow in together. As members we strive to and equip others to:
ENGAGE Consistently - Engage by knowing God through Scripture, Prayer, and His Holy Spirit.
WORSHIP Authentically - Worship Passionately through Regular Gathering and Giving.
BELONG Faithfully - Belong in Biblical Community through Sunday School or other EFBC Ministry Groups.
INVITE Expectantly - Invite Others to Salvation and Our Church Family.
SERVE Selflessly - Serve Through Your Giftedness in an In-Church Ministry or an EFBC Missions Outreach.

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