The F.B.C.E. children's choir is known as the "Music Makers".  It is for children in 2nd through 6th grade.  In class we are learning about God and how to worship Him through music.  Class time includes vocal exercises, breathing technics, musical notation, reading rhythm patterns and basic music theory.  It also includes wonderful new music written especially for young children.  We learn to play different types of rhythm instruments like drums, triangles, cymbols and many others.  We have also added a Junior Bell choir and we are learning sign language for some of our performances. We have three scheduled performances each year, Christmas, Easter, and our end of the year concert.  We also schedule additional performances as new music is learned.  Each child has their own music workbook which includes games, puzzles, music activities and the music to the songs we perform.  Each year we have a different theme.  This year (2009-2010) our theme is "Passport to Adventure"  where we are learning about missionaries who are serving around the world.  The scripture says, "...make a joyful noise..." and we certainly do.  Every child is invited to come and join us on Wednesday nights from 6:00 to 6:50.